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How to Choose the Electric Actuator:

With the advancement of the times, the intelligence of the valve industry is getting more common, so today I will teach you how to choose the electric actuator:

Everyone knows that the electric actuator is more than the valve to control the opening and closing of the valve. Depending on the state of the valve opening, the type of time when using the electric actuator is also different, so it is generally necessary to know the valve type of the electric actuator when selecting the valve electric actuator. Such as: gate valve, shut-off valve, diaphragm valve, etc. Do more rotary valves need to use a multi-rotated electric actuator, which is the Z-type electric actuator we often say; and 90 degrees like butterfly valve, ball valve, wind valve, etc. The rotary valve, then uses a partial rotary electric actuator, that is, we use the Q-shaped electric actuator, angular stroke electric actuator or a small electric actuator that will be mentioned.

Therefore, the choice of the electric actuator is to be carried out according to the opening and closing method of the valve.
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