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Electric Actuator Adopts the Advantages of Direct Drive Motors

Advantages of an electric actuator adopt a direct drive motor 3.1 Excellent mechanical characteristics The option of electric actuator motor is determined based on the working characteristics of the valve. When the valve is operating, a large load is generated only in the entire process of opening and closing, such as the shutoff valve and the brake valve produces a large load in the moment of opening and closing, and in the process of opening the valve and the valve, The load is relatively small. Direct drive motors can provide greater torque at a lower speed due to the very large number of times.
Compared with ordinary asynchronous motors, the main parameters of the direct drive motor are torque rather than power. The normal asynchronous motor speed is high, the torque is small; the direct drive motor is low, the torque is provided. Direct drive motors produce high torque in a normal speed, and in blockage, and is very suitable for the working characteristics of the valve.
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