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  • Step into the heart of innovation as we unveil our state-of-the-art machine for crafting AOX Actuators. See why having the right machine is crucial in achieving precision and excellence in actuator production. Join us on this journey of advanced manufacturing.


  • Experience the next level of precision with AOX Electric Intelligent Ball Valve. Embrace seamless control and real-time monitoring, as this cutting-edge technology enhances performance across various applications. Elevate your automation with AOX.


  • Empowering Power Plants with AOX Actuators: Choose Precision, Reliability, and Efficiency for Your Energy Future. Join us in shaping the future of energy generation.


  • Discover the many applications of AOX actuators, trusted by industries worldwide for their reliability, precision, and performance. From water treatment and oil & gas to power plants and manufacturing, our actuators are equipped with advanced technology to handle even the toughest environments and high torque loads.


  • Discover how AOX Actuators revolutionize the oil and gas industry. Our precision-engineered solutions ensure seamless operations, reliability, and efficiency. Join us for an inside look at our advanced technology in action.


  • Unleash Precision with AOX Quarter Turn Electric Actuator! Watch as seamless automation meets precise control in our latest reel. Elevate your industrial processes with reliability, efficiency, and innovation. Discover how AOX leads the way in industrial automation.