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  • Electric valve actuator, also known as valve electric device, is an actuator that uses electricity as the energy source in the control system. It receives electrical signals from regulating instruments, changes the amount of manipulation according to the size of the signal, and changes the amount of material or energy of the input or output control object to achieve automatic program adjustment.


  • Operating torque The operating torque is the most important parameter for selecting an electric actuator. The output torque of the electric device should be 1.2 to 1.5 times the maximum torque of the valve.


  • The valve electric device is one of the devices for operating the valve and connecting the valves. The device is powered by electrical power and its motion can be controlled by the magnitude of the stroke, torque or axial thrust. Due to the working characteristics and utilization of the valve electric device, it depends on the type of valve, the working specifications of the device and the position of the valve on the pipeline or equipment. Therefore, it is important to grasp the correct choice of the valve electric device; considering the prevention of overload (working torque is higher than the control torque) becomes a crucial part.


  • How to choose the appropriate actuator type for different valves? From the perspective of electric actuator sales, the selection of valve electric actuators is mainly based on the parameters brought by customers.


  • On the contrary, when the compressed air enters the two ends of the pneumatic actuator from the B nozzle, the gas pushes the double plug to move straight to the middle, the rack on the piston drives the gear on the rotating shaft to rotate 90 degrees clockwise, and the valve is closed. At this time, the gas in the middle of the pneumatic actuator is discharged with the A nozzle.


  • Pneumatic actuators can accept continuous air signals and output linear displacement (after power-on/air conversion device, continuous electrical signals can also be received), and some can output angular displacement when equipped with a rocker arm.


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