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  • Discover the AOX-VR Electric Actuator - Compact, Durable, and Versatile! With exceptional weather and shock resistance, this actuator offers reliable performance in diverse environments. Featuring a self-locking transmission mechanism, it secures valve positions even when powered off. Electrical and mechanical double limits prevent overtravel, ensuring safety.


  • Discover the seamless integration of the AOX-R Series Electric Actuator into Aqualine water softening systems. Witness precision in water treatment as we optimize performance, ensuring the quality you deserve.


  • There are many types of ball valves in electric ball valves, but they are basically similar. They are all made up of a circular ball core with opening and closing parts, mainly composed of valve seats, balls, sealing rings, valve stems, and other driving devices. The valve can be opened and closed by rotating the valve stem 90 degrees. They are used in pipelines to shut off, distribute, regulate flow, and change the flow direction of the medium.


  • An electric actuator, also known as an electric actuator, is a driving device that can provide linear or rotational motion. It utilizes a certain driving energy source and operates under a certain control signal. The actuator uses liquid, gas, electricity, or other energy sources and converts them into driving force through motors, cylinders, or other devices. There are three basic types of drive: Part Turn, Multi Turn, and Linear.


  • During the use of valves, there are often some troublesome problems, such as whether the valve is tightly closed or not. What should be done? The following are several methods for dealing with internal leakage in control valves.


  • Only when the regulating valve resonates can there be energy superposition that produces a strong noise of more than 100 decibels. Some are characterized by strong vibration and low noise, while others are characterized by weak vibration and very high noise; Some have high vibration and noise.

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