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Electric Actuator Installation and Debugging

1. It is a non-explosion-proof product, and the dangerous gas environment should be avoided when the device should be avoided.

2. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, but it should be prevented from dust, splash and sunlight of the rainwater.

3. Wash the pipe, valve inlet side device filter and discharge valve for the electric actuator device to remove extent of gravel, rust.

4. Vertical devices are preferred. Also arbitrarily angle, but should ensure that the cable interface position is higher than the cable or wire tube direction to prevent the water from flowing into the actuator along the motor cable or wire tube.

5. The valve body flange and the pipe connection should adhere to the natural coaxial to prevent shear stress, and the connection bolts are uniformly locked.

6. The space should be reserved to facilitate the installation, wiring, manual operation and assembly repair.

Sign in. Important places need to increase the bypass line to switch to manual operation when there is a fault or overhaul.

8. The partial part of the valve body needs to be in the same pressure, especially when used for high temperature media, more insulation. Otherwise, due to the high ambient temperature, it will affect the normal operation of the electric actuator. Electric actuator mechanisms cannot be insulated.

9. Electric actuator mechanisms should not immerse water, and wiring must meet on-site construction specifications.

10. Before energization, pay attention to check the power supply voltage required by the electric actuator to avoid damage to the motor. When repairing, you must turn off the power.
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