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Electric Actuator Working Principle

The electric actuator is used as a power source, and the electrical control portion receives the upper control system control signal, driving and controlling the motor operation, the motor drives the mechanical transmission portion, converts the rotational motion of the motor rotor into the rotational movement of the turbine worm, and drive the valve by the output shaft run.
Electric Executive Mechanism Working Principle: The motor used by the electric actuator is usually an alternating asynchronous motor, the magnification of the motor torque, and the reduction of the speed of the speed are achieved by a worm gear mechanical transmission. This type of transmission is large. Difficult installation, low efficiency, energy, difficulty, noise, noise, does not meet the requirements of the social and low-carbon of industrial equipment in today's society.
The above problems can be solved in the electric actuator application in the electric actuator, and greatly simplifies the structure of the actuator.
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