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AOX-M Multi turn intelligent electric actuators applied to Brazil sluices


Recently, the latest generation of AOX-M Multi turn intelligent electric actuators has been installed in the water treatment project in Sao Paulo, Brazul, which is one of the key projects of SANASA Company.

SANASA is a public water supply and sanitation company, located in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.SANASA is the company responsible for water supply as well as collection, adduction, treatment, reservation and distribution of drinking water, collection, removal and treatment of domestic sewage in the municipality of Campinas serving 98% of the urban population.

Brazil has faced severe droughts and water scarcity since 2012, causing severe water shortages in southeastern Brazil.AOX-M Multi turn intelligent electric actuators, with its advantages of easy operation, long service life and high intelligence, contributes to the intelligent transformation of water treatment project and contributes to the water treatment industry in Brazil.

Customers highly appreciate AOX's long-term practical experience, in-depth understanding of the water industry and comprehensive professional after-sales service. All AOX-M Multi turn intelligent electric actuators have successfully passed the test.
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