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Electric Actuator Common Faults And Maintenance Methods


Indicator failure

1. Fault phenomenon:

When the electric actuator is powered on, it is found that the power indicator is off, the servo board has no feedback, and the signal does not work.

Fault judgment and maintenance process:

Because the power indicator is not lit, first check whether the fuse is open. After checking the fuse is intact, the fault phenomenon can be inferred. The fault may occur in the power supply part of the servo board. Then check the power indicator and use the multimeter to detect the indicator. Open the circuit and replace the indicator light to troubleshoot.

Conclusion: The power indicator light will open the entire servo board.

2. Fault phenomenon: (found in debugging)

After the actuator of the electric actuator is energized, the signal can be turned on and off.

Fault judgment and maintenance process:

First check the feedback line carefully to confirm that the feedback signal is not faulty. When the signal is turned on, the indicator light is on, indicating that it is normal. When the signal is off, the off indicator is off. It indicates that there is a problem with the thyristor. First check the off indicator. The multimeter detects that the off indicator light is open, and the fault is eliminated after replacing it.

Conclusion: The thyristor does not operate when the off and on indicators are off (open).
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