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Introduction To The Performance Of Valve Electric Device Equipment


Valve electric devices are also called electric actuators. They are called different in different regions. In some industrial pipeline industries, they are basically called valve electric devices. In the instrument industry, they are called valve electric devices. But in general, its function is the same regardless of the actuator mechanism.

We know that the equipment that valve electric devices are often used in industrial pipelines, especially electric actuators, with the development of industrial automation, its power source is easy to obtain, and in general, it does not require maintenance, and is widely used by many manufacturers.

Design requirements for explosion-proof electric actuators

Compared with different driving methods such as pneumatic and hydraulic, the valve electric device is wider in scope of use, and has higher safety and reliability, so the valve electric device is ensured under the condition of ensuring equipment performance and life performance. The comprehensive ability is more prominent.

There are many types of valve electric devices. Electric actuators of different types and functions can be called electric valves when they are matched with valves. However, in the process of design and selection, only the parameters of the valves are ignored or the electric actuators are not clearly defined. Related requirements, this not only makes the electric valve not play better performance, but also brings unnecessary troubles during installation, debugging and use, and even has serious consequences for production.
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