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Introduction To The Purchase Method Of Fine Small Valve Electric Device


The precision small valve electric device is a control signal using a motor as a driving source and a hard DC current, and is mainly composed of an operator, an amplifier and an actuator. With this small and small valve electric device, the temperature is basically controlled at about 50 °C.

Fine small valve electric device installation and maintenance essentials

So what problems must we pay attention to when purchasing many of the most advanced valve electric devices on the market today?

1. Determine the parameters to be used according to the selected valve electric device. The different parameters of the general model are also different. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to whether the parameters are correct when selecting. In addition, motor power, rated current, control loop voltage, etc. should not be ignored.

2. According to the torque of the valve, it is basically selected by the user or the manufacturer. The normal opening and closing torque of the valve is determined according to the specification and working pressure of the valve. Therefore, the small and small valve electric device with different specifications is selected. This must be noted.

The above two points are based on the senior staff of the small and small valve electric device market, hoping to help everyone effectively. If you have any questions, please communicate in time and correct me.
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