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Zhejiang Aoxiang Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. Employee Activities


On June 3, 2023, Zhejiang Aoxiang Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. held a summer employee activity centered on "riding the wind and waves to forge ahead", creating a relaxed, joyful, and joyful leisure journey.

A barbecue grill was set up in the pavilion, and the atmosphere of nature was felt on the lawn. The children's lively smiling faces, like the blooming flowers in summer, sang songs, kicked their legs, laughed and shouted, clapped their hands, and ate delicious food happily. The men were enjoying themselves and drinking profusely. Ladies are dancing hand in hand, laughing, and their floral skirts swaying in the wind, resembling lively and cheerful butterfly flowers. Ladies may stop at the beautiful scenery and take photos to commemorate, in groups, in piles, relaxed and comfortable.

The Aoxiang family participated in various interesting adventure projects and enjoyed themselves, fully experiencing the pleasure brought by the excitement.

This leisure activity not only relaxed the Australians' families and enhanced their friendship, but also practiced the Australians' concept of happy life and hard work, improved the Australians' sense of honor and belonging in collective life, and enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team.
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